5:15 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Indoor-play activities continue, parents pick up children and school closes promptly at 6:00pm

What are Montessori teachers taught?

Montessori teachers are specifically shown how to teach children to read, write and do math. In addition, they are taught how to help children become independent, responsible, self-disciplined and cooperative. The teachers are shown how to teach practical skills such … Continued

How are Montessori teachers trained?

Montessori teachers are trained through demonstration and the provision of opportunity to practice. The Montessori curriculum is organized around specific teaching materials which are developmentally sequenced. Each curriculum area is taught to teacher trainees by careful demonstration of the presentation … Continued

Are Montessori programs recognized?

The Montessori method of education is well known. Montessori schools are located throughout the world. Additionally, many new textbooks in the field of child development and education are referring to the important contributions of Dr. Montessori to the field of … Continued

What happens when children leave a Montessori program?

Children from a Montessori program usually fit in well whenever they go after attending a Montessori program. Because they are respectful, cooperative, self-disciplined and independent learners, they are well prepared to get along successfully in any program. Competence is a … Continued

How are children disciplined in a Montessori program?

Most visitors to a Montessori program are amazed at how peaceful, pleasant and well behaved the children are. Montessori programs are noted for the self-discipline of their children. The particularly interesting thing about this is that the method does not … Continued

What is taught in a Montessori program?

In a Montessori program, children have the opportunity to learn the same subjects. They would learn in any other program. At the early childhood level children develop social, emotional, motor and perceptual skills and begin to learn how to read … Continued