Computer Class

All of our students utilize new Apple iMac Wi-Fi compatible computers to supplement our math, language, phonics, reading comprehension and fluency curriculum.


Using the Jack Capon gymnastics method, students learn balance, stretching, jumping, hopping, tumbling, body movement, etc. through a variety of controlled and purposeful gross-motor activities developed for the younger child.

Music and Movement

Students have an engaging experience through use of songs, dance, instruments and games. Students also study one different classical composer per month learning about the composers’ life and important works.    

Spanish Language

Students learn basic conversational skills, songs, vocabulary, phrases, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions and holiday celebrations.


Students enjoy working with different artistic mediums including: colored pencils, paint, glue, scissors/paper cutting, clay, crayons, markers, etc. Students also study one famous artist per month learning about the artists’ life and most important artistic contributions.  

Mandarin Language

Students learn basic conversational skills, songs, vocabulary, numbers, phrases, cultural traditions, holiday celebrations and identification of simple Chinese characters.