Most visitors to a Montessori program are amazed at how peaceful, pleasant and well behaved the children are. Montessori programs are noted for the self-discipline of their children. The particularly interesting thing about this is that the method does not involve techniques of coercion, intimidation or manipulation. The children do not think of their teachers as being strict or mean. Techniques of force or power are not used. Basically, what happens is that the children find their needs are being met. They like the teacher and the classroom. They sense the teacher cares about them and is a source of help. The child simply needs to be shown in a positive way how to meet his/her needs. Through this process, non-acceptable behavior lessens and finally disappears. This makes the classroom a very pleasant place for both the children and the teacher. The keys to this process are :

a. Creating an environment prepared to meet the cognitive needs of the children

b. A teacher trained in positive, constructive methods of helping children

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