Children love Montessori preschools. They like the opportunity to be with other children of their own age and having so many interesting things to do. The room is attractive, with many carefully designed materials and activities for the children to choose from. The children are free to engage themselves in activities that interest them. They can work by themselves, with a friend, or a group of friends. They can spend as much time as needed in any activity. They have opportunities to do things they see their parents do at home. They can prepare food such as grating carrots, peeling potatoes, cutting bananas, cracking nuts, or squeezing oranges. They can learn to tie shoes, work a zipper, use snaps and buttons. They can paint, draw, work with clay, learn to sew or make masks or puppets. They can learn to count or make words. They can look at books about all the wondrous things in the world. And, they can run, climb, play games and have fun with their friends. They can sit on a knee and hug a teacher.

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