Montessori Method. Cultural Enrichment. Individualized, Child-Centered Learning.

At Danville Montessori School, we believe that building strong educational relationships with our diverse students form the best path for future educational achievements. The diverse learning environment and finest possible educational tools provided at Danville Montessori School effectively prepare our students in becoming future citizens of the world.

At Danville Montessori School, our students study the following core subjects:

Hands-on, simple experiments demonstrate earth-science physical concepts such as magnetism, gravity, light and electricity. Investigation of nature's constant elements such as volcanoes, earthquakes, as well as historical aspects of pre-historic creatures such as dinosaurs.

The development and refining of the senses through exploration of the physical world including smell, taste, sight, sound, touch and grading of size, shape and color.

The study of plants, life cycle of plants, parts of plants, classification of plant parts, how plants grow and care of plants.

The study of the Earth and its continents, puzzle maps, Earth's land and water forms, weather systems, outer space, countries of different continents and various cultural traditions.

Phonetics, symbolic representation of letters, introduction to reading, reading fluency, introduction to Grammar, handwriting (formation and printing) and sentence analysis.

Association of quantity and number symbols, memory work, concrete abstraction, decimal system, arithmetic operations and geometric studies.

Development of practical everyday skills. Practical life activities promote concentration, order, coordination and independence with activities such as pouring, sweeping, buttoning, scrubbing and zippering.

Study of animals, mammals & non-mammals, vertebrates & invertebrates, parts of animals, different species, life-cycles of animals and animal habitats & characteristics.